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Evelina Sramel

Online Marketing Student

I am currently looking for a company or a marketing firm that would be interested in taking me on as an intern between the dates of 17/5-25/6 and 9/8-3/9. I am located in Malmö but would also be open to work from home due to the ongoing pandemic.

My main goal for this internship is to try out the new set of tools that the theoretical education at Medieinstitutet has given me, and of course to learn as much as possible. Though my passion lies within social media, SEO and content marketing, I’m open to all tasks within online marketing.

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About me

Since I graduated from high school I’ve been trying out different paths in life to try and figure out what I truly want to dedicate my working life to.  I’ve lived in Australia and studied international tourism, worked full-time at H&M and pre-pandemic I worked as a tour guide for skitravel company Lion Alpin in the Italian alps. That’s where I finally decided that I wanted to work with marketing.

I believe I have been Instagram’s biggest fan since day one. And my experience and knowledge within different social medias is what truly made me realize that online marketing was the right path for me.

If your company is looking for an ambitous, driven and online marketing-loving intern, here I am!

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Online marketing


17/8 2020 – present

I believe that my theoretical knowledge within online marketing will contribute to an efficient practical learning process. By the time my internship commence I will have completed courses within the following areas:

  • SEO – analyse and control parameters that impact organic and local search results.
  • SEM/PPC – plan and coordinate campaigns in Google Ads
  • Digital advertising, affiliate marketing,  display advertising and programmatic advertising/real time bidding
  • Conversion optimization, web analytics and A/B-testing
  • Content marketing, native advertising and influencer marketing – strategies for distributing content, branded content, ambassadors and choice of plattforms.
  • Media planning and campaign coordination
  • Basics of HTML, CSS and Java script
  • Wordpress

Principles of marketing

International Collage of Management Sydney


During my time at ICMS I studied the principles of marketing. This course includes the techniques and concepts that practicing marketers use to develop products and successful marketing campaigns. The course also examines the evolution of marketing and the environment of which it operates, what constitutes a market and how a marketer identifies, segments and targets markets. 

Lastly it examines ways in which marketers develop the elements of the marketing mix. 

Completed projects at Medieinstitutet

Completed projects at ICMS

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