Content marketing

Rose water

About the project

The content marketing course included a group project where we were to create a content marketing plan with examples of content for our business of choice. My group chose rose water, which is a versatile beauty and household product.

Keyword analysis

The first step in the process of creating our content was to identify kewords for our product. As the goal with content marketing is to produce material that is of high value to the customer we decided to create a strategy that would lead people to us without actually searching for rose water. Therefor, we chose to focus on broad keywords and questions related to the product, eg. “how to prevent premature aging”.

Target audience

We identified our target audience as women between the ages of 20-45. As rose water has several different areas of use we created personas to match those interests.


After we examined our competitors and the needs of our target audience we chose to focus on beauty and health when creating our content. The goal was to respond to frequently asked questions related to rose water and produce content that generated high value to potential customers.


My content

For this project every group member individually produced three articles that related to the identified keywords and questions. The articles are written in Swedish but if you want to have a look at them, click on one of the pictures below.